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Enlightenment - post-apocalyptic, top-down, rouge-like  shooter.  Explore procedurally generated world, where everything is random! With sprint, roll and melee attack, Enlightenment feels like action game. With well balanced enemies, game challenging, but not frustrating.

While playing game, players can find many interesting items, so keep your eyes open. Secrets in the game can tell you more about Enlightenment story. Find out what happened with this world.


After asteroid impact, human civilization was destroyed. Survivors created new religion based on mysterious asteroid energy.  New religion called "Enlightenment"found meteorite crater and built research facility there, they named it "The Ark". Located right at the impact point, they had all resources to work on secret research. They were trying to explore secrets of the meteorite and source of the energy. The research led them into the chaos, nobody knows what happen there. 

A group named Ragtime started its own investigation, they wanted to find out the truth. And what happened with Ark and all people who was working on research.


  • Random generated enemies, levels, weapons, perks, etc.
  • Hardcore battles
  • Mysterious story
  • Dark atmosphere 


In Enlightenment, we wanted to make you feel a "fast paced" and "challenging" journey deep down in dungeon. Players will encounter big variety of enemies and this will make players stronger then before.

Randomly generated scenario. Each run different then previous.

Each gun has its own pros and cons.  Guns designed for specific zones, players must figure out which gun is most suitable for which zone.

Each "failure" is a new experience. Players should learn each enemy's behavior and abilities to complete level in next run.

And of course different level designs, so players wont feel bored.

ITCH.IO Version

This ITCH.IO Version contains first level of the game, updated list of weapons and  items.


Players who purchased ITCH.IO version of the game will be able to claim Steam Key for full version of the game, once it released on Steam.

Claiming Steam Key is free for players who bought ITCH.IO version.

Stay tuned form more information! 


LizardKing is a small indie developer team of 7 hardcore gamers based in a small town in China. LizardKing was founded in 2015 and first game is “Enlightenment”.

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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